Healthy skin and coat begin with regular grooming from a young age. Our pet stylists are highly qualified with over 69 years of combined experience. Their loving demeanor and commitment to your dog being comfortable while being bathed, brushed and tended to is part of our commitment to your furry friend.

For an additional fee we can brush teeth, give a flea bath, and more! Does your pup have allergies or sensitive skin? Please ask about our special products including oatmeal and hypo allergenic shampoos. We also offer many other amenities including pet massage and pet facials.

Your pet will be fully pampered by the time they leave our spa.

Grooming Pricing

Short Hair - Starting at $10
Long Hair - Starting at $15
Large Breeds - Starting at $20

All baths consists of the following treatments:
Premium Shampoos
If needed a Special Skin or Coat Shampoo
Premium Conditioner
If needed a Special Skin or Coat Conditioner
Blueberry Facial
Anal Glands
Ear Cleaning
Fluff Dry

Call for pricing
Grooming prices vary based on breed and size of dog. We do not groom cats.


Short Hair - Starting at $10
Long Hair - S tarting at $15
Large Breeds - Starting at $20

Call for pricing
Grooming prices vary on breed and size of dog

"Our little Yorkie gets his debonair cut and prances when he is put on his leash. I love the Edmond Pet Resort because my dogs love going there and I don't have to drag them inside. I highly recommend both grooming and the boarding facility."

- Dixie Lynn



What is your grooming process?

Pets are generally washed and dried before the groom.

A clean pet is easier to groom than a dirty one.

After your pet is nice and clean, the groomer will clip their nails, clean their ears, and begin the cutting process.

When your pet is finished with their groom, we will call you to let you know they’re available for pick up.

Can my dog be groomed during their boarding or daycare stay?

Definitely! Please let our receptionist know you would like your pet groomed when you are making their boarding or daycare reservation.

Do you express anal glands?

All dogs have different needs when it comes to their anal glands, because of this we only perform this service when asked and when it does not cause injury or discomfort to the dog.

This service is $6 when added to a bath or groom and $10 as a stand-alone service.

Should your pet have impacted anal glands and need internal expression, a vet will need to provide this service.

What if I’m not happy with my pet’s grooming?

Our groomers will always give your pet the cut that you want, however, your pets comfort and health are always our number one priority. We always keep notes on who groomed your pet and what was done for the groom. If you request a specific groomer and they are not available, another groomer will be able to read notes on how your pet was cut.

Please check over your groom before you leave so if there is something you want changed we can fix it right away.


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Everything Your Pet Needs

We have created a home environment for your beloved furry friends and offer the highest quality pet grooming and styling. We employ loving caregivers who will treat your furry friend with lots of hugs and affection. At Edmond Pet Resort, every pet is treated like a family member.

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