We have Sweet Suites for those pets who want that homey feeling away from home.

Providing pet limo and webcam monitoring.

Our goal at Edmond Pet Resort is to make your pet feel right at home. Boarding your dog at a familiar place with familiar faces and smells will make a difference in how they feel being away from you.

Boarding is offered with an all day monitored play time in both indoor and outdoor play areas. Our staff will insure that your pet gets plenty of playtime exercise balanced with rest. And our overnight guests have monitored behavior, eating and eliminations.

The staff administers medications according to directions for an extra fee.

Boarding Discounts

Prices starting at $38​​​​​ per night

​10 Nights or More
10% discount plus bath & Tidy on unmatted dogs

5 Nights Stay
5% discount plus free bath & Tidy on unmatted dogs

3 to 4 Nights
Free bath & Tidy on unmatted dogs

​Lodging is charged by the night.  Check-in is anytime between 7:30am & 6pm daily Monday thru Friday.  Check-out time is noon. Late check-out after 12:00pm is an additional $12.00 per dog for daycare.

10 Days or More
10% discount plus bath & Tidy on unmatted dogs

5 Day Stay
5% discount plus free bath & Tidy on unmatted dogs

3 Day Stay
Free bath & Tidy on unmatted dogs

"After adopting Sidney in January 2016, I toured 8 pet care facilities to find the right one for my new rescue dog. The Edmond Pet Resort offered not only day care but boarding and grooming, which was convenient for me and affords staff the opportunity to get to know each dog better. Sidney spent the day to ensure he was a good fit before I was allowed to take him on a regular basis. What I liked most are that the dogs are allowed freedom to run around inside or outside as they like, play with other dogs, or keep to themselves rather than be crated all day. This is a more normal setting for animals away from home. There is always a staff member with the dogs to ensure their safety, plus they play with the dogs throughout the day. The owners and staff could not be nicer and provide excellent care in a very safe and clean setting."

- Jack Shields



Which Vaccines do you require?

Rabies: 1 or 3 year

DAPP: 1 or 3 year

Bordetella: 1 year (6 months if doing daycare or group play)

If your veterinarian has recommended your dog NOT receive vaccinations, please bring a letter or have them fax it to us.

Should I bring my own food?

We recommend bringing your dog’s food from home, especially if they have dietary restrictions or require a special formula for health issues.

We feed Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Chicken and Brown Rice twice daily for a $5 fee per day or we gladly feed any food or snacks you bring with your instructions.

Should I bring bedding & bowls?

Each suite is furnished with everything your pet will need, including clean bowls each day. However, if your pet has a favorite bed or blanket, you are welcome to bring it!

Should I bring toys?

Of course! Since we have plenty of toys, personal toys will remain in their suite if they are joining a play group with other dogs.

OK, so what should I NOT bring?

Each item what comes in with your pet is inventoried and labeled, but accidents can happen! We highly recommend leaving anything breakable, damageable, or irreplaceable at home.


Our daycare provides a great option for the working or traveling parent to give their furry children a place to go and be in company of other furry friends ...


Our pet stylists are highly qualified with over 69 years of experience and we offer many more amenities including pet massage and pet facials ...

Everything Your Pet Needs

We have created a home environment for your beloved furry friends and offer the highest quality pet grooming and styling. We employ loving caregivers who will treat your furry friend with lots of hugs and affection. At Edmond Pet Resort, every pet is treated like a family member.

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