About Us

Our journey in the pet industry began in 1979 when we found ourselves searching for a reliable groomer and boarding facility for our pets. After driving for 25 miles or more to no avail we came to a decision to venture into the pet care world ourselves. We are highly experienced in the caring and grooming of pets and working with veterinarians to ensure we can care for yours in the most loving and safe way.

In 2006 we opened a business in Oklahoma City and recently purchased our current facility in Edmond.

Our personal backgrounds are in banking and finance, and the medical fields and for the past 38 years in the pet industry.

We feel that with our different backgrounds and our qualified staff at The Edmond Pet Resort can give our clients and their furry friends the best professional care they they deserve. This is our ultimate goal.

About Us

"Years ago I used to take my Maltese "Haley" to Fran for grooming. Fran treated her like a princess and Haley loved it. After Haley passed away I got "CeeLo" my Shitzu-Maltese and I have taken him to see Fran for grooming ever since. It's pretty obvious he loves it there because he struts around after he's been groomed there. He knows he looks good and loves to show off when he gets home! I would highly recommend the Edmond Pet Resort to anyone for their dog's grooming and care!"

- Imran Azhar



Our daycare provides a great option for the working or traveling parent to give their furry children a place to go and be in company of other furry friends ...


Boarding is offered with an all day monitored play time in both indoor and outdoor play areas. Our staff will insure that your pet gets plenty of ...


Our pet stylists are highly qualified with over 69 years of experience and we offer many more amenities including pet massage and pet facials ...

Everything Your Pet Needs

We have created a home environment for your beloved furry friends and offer the highest quality pet grooming and styling. We employ loving caregivers who will treat your furry friend with lots of hugs and affection. At Edmond Pet Resort, every pet is treated like a family member.

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